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      *  Montones, montones de juegos .
          Lots, lots of games 

  • Coolmath. Juegos bien interesantes
    Very interesting games

     * Sorpresa, sorpresa, sorpresa
        Surprise, surprise, surprise

     * Word Skill Games. ESL games

     * Libros para colorear
      Coloring books

   ** Nintendo Memory Games.
           Nintendo Juegos de concentracion

     ** Tic-Tac-Toe

    ** Can You beat this Javanoid?
       A que no le ganas al resorte!

   ** Este si es un rompecabezas!!!
        A real hard puzzle!!!

  ** Caillou. Games & Activities
             Caillou. Juegos y actividades

     ** Crayola Games. Juegos Crayola

     ** Cyberkids & Cybergames

     ** Ezone. You won't believe:
          There are hundreds of games to play

    ** Games for young and older kids
         Kidsdomain. Juegos para grandes y chicos

    ** Would you like to play with Dr. Ximena?
        Te gustaria jugar con la Dra. Ximena?

  ** Poderkids. Puzzles, memory, matching games
          PoderKids. Rompecabezas, juegos de momoria,etc..

    ** Connect Four in Line
Haz cuatro en linea

    ** Play Checkers against the Computer
Juega checkers contra el computador

   ** PrimaryGames. Really really funny games on
      Math, Language Arts,
Social Studies and Science

   ** KidsAstronomy Games.
       Do you like Planet Games?

    ** Cyberglass. Can you believe that?
         Bola Magica. Ver, sumar y restar para creer!

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