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Haz click en la ayuda que desees. Hay actividades para todos los objetivos y para todos los gustos:
Make a click on the link you wish. There are activities for almost all of the objectives and for all tastes:

           ** INEW.COM Practice all math objectives
             Practica todos los objetivos en matematicas  

           ** Practice all math objectives
Practicar todos los objetivos: 
            addition, subtraction, multiplication, division,
            estimation, money, measurments, fractions, graphs, 
           sumar, restar, multiplicar,dividir
estimar redondear, 
            dinero, medidas, fracciones, graficas, etc., etc...

         ** Practice all Objectives

         **  Numbers. Understanding Numbers
            Numeros. Comprender numeros

      ** Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division
          Suma, resta, mult
iplicacion y division

     ** La casa de los problemas texto.
          The House of Math Word Problems

     **   Test your Abilities. Test yourself!
     Prueba tus abilidades. Haz tests

      **    Interactive Quizzes
             For all grade levels and all subjects

    **  Telling time  Leer el reloj
          Different ways to tell time

**  Fractions. Different activities with fractions 
Fracciones. Actividades con fracciones.

** Counting Money  - Contar dinero

Geometry Links

Making and Working with Graphs 
       Create all kinds of graphings

**  Math Beisbol

     ** Mas tarjetas

    ** Keep the balance with shapes.
         Juega a mantener el equilibrio

    ** Harcourt math dictionary for kids

   ** Interactive Math
       National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

   ** Mathematical Reasoning 1
        Piense matematicamente

   ** Mathematical Reasoning 2
       Piense matematicamente 2

   ** Mathematical Reasoning 3
        Piense matematicamente 3

    ** The factor game.
         Juega con los factores de los numeros


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