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Search Engines for Children

This is a proven strategy. Following it and you will see amazing results. Part A relates only to the text. Parts B and C have to be completed for every single question.  

A.     1. Number the paragraphs          NP______

        2. Underline the title.                UT______  MI_____
the title (is part of) the main idea  

        3. Read it 2 times                      R2X_____


      B.      1.  Underline the question         UQ_____KW____

            and circle the key words      

        2. Find the answer in the           NR____

            text and write the paragraph #  

            Number the response.                        

            Write if it is text or thought.

        3.    Write your answer in the form

             of a sentence.                     ER____


      C.      1. Elimate your options             EO____


              2.  Answer the question            AQ___

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