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This page contains links to reading materials in English.

  ** Stories. Long and short stories
     ** Tumblebooks

     ** A Web Site for Begining Readers

     ** Numbers, letters, colors, shapes, etc.

     ** Harcourt Vocabulary/Spelling practice 

     ** Up to Ten. Funny Stories

     ** Mrs. Hurley's ESL Page.
English Practice for almost everyone

     ** Read stories at PBS.
        You can share your stories, too

     ** English Banana
         Do you really like bananas..... to play with? 

     *** BBC Stories. Have some fun reading
          animals stories (with sound).

    *** PBS Stories. Are you ready to read wonderful
        stories? Go ahead and click in here!!!

         Some emergent readers' book choices.

   *** Starfall. Begining readers' page.

   ~~  Lili's Fingers. Begining reading

   ***  Tiger Aki. Books for Beginning Readers

   *** More BBC Books
         Books for intermediate readers

        Here you can read and listen to Clifford stories

   *** Internet4classrooms.
         What a wonderful web page!!!
         Tons of links for all subjects-objectives!!!

    ** Stories & Poems for the Intermediate/
        Advanced Readers

   ** Here you can create your own stories. That's fun!!!

   ** The Tumble Books. Great Books with animations,   
       quizzes, and games

   **  Children's Storybooks Online.
        All Reading Levels.


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